Bocce Court Improvements

Proposal for Marina Hills Park Bocce Courts Shade Structure

Submitted to Laguna Niguel Sports Committee, October 13, 2016
Submitted by Laguna Niguel Bocce Club

Currently there are over 100 members of the Laguna Niguel Bocce Club who use the Marina Hills Bocce courts for an average of 30 hours weekly. There are also many local residents who use the courts at various times of the day that include dog walkers and park strollers.
The majority of players using the courts are adult and 75% are seniors who reside in Laguna Niguel. The Marina Hills Bocce Courts are one of the few athletic facilities in Laguna Niguel frequently used by families, adults and senior citizens. All of the use is during the day because there are no lights.
• The bocce courts are used by as many as 30 players at a time 52 weeks a year. Bocce is not a seasonal recreational sport. They receive at least 25 hours of organized play weekly.
• The bocce courts are one of the few recreational facilities that can be used by men and women senior citizens of all ages. The Laguna Niguel Bocce Club has many active players in their eighties and nineties.
• The bocce courts are not only used by seniors, but are frequently used by entire families.
• The requested improvements are supported by hundreds of Laguna Niguel residents.

Replace old partial shade structure with new extended shade structure that only shades one court.

Current shade structure only covers 1 court
New bocce court shade structure request

Estimate cost of new structure $65,000
The impact on the park is to provide additional shade for bocce players and recreational walkers.
Many of the senior players have to limit there playing because of the lack of adequate sun protection on the South end of the courts. There several long term benefits to the park and residents.
• It will help protect players with skin cancer from unnecessary exposure to sun damage.
• Provide a well shaded place for dog walkers and families.
• Make the Marina Hills Bocce Courts one of the best sporting facilities in California.
• The current shade structure on the North end of the courts provides the only place in the park for social gatherings and picnics. Adding an additional shade structure on the South end of the courts will double the capacity for picnics and social gatherings.
We have gathered several hundred signatures of Laguna Niguel residents who support this park improvement. All of these residents believe a new shade structure would greatly enhance the bocce courts.

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