2019 Laguna Niguel Bocce Tournament Results

On Saturday June 15, 2019 the Laguna Niguel Bocce Club hosted its annual Southern California Bocce Association Tournament. 18 bocce teams from Southern California came to win bragging rights and cash. The weather was perfect with a overcast cool morning and sunshine in the afternoon. The teams played a double elimination round robin with prizes going to the first 6 winning teams. Lunch was catered by Lascari’s Restaurant and Catering. The Lascari’s team did a fine job serving a delicious lunch of pasta, sausage, salad, bread. chocolate brownies and watermelon.

1st place was won by team Aniano from Laguna Niguel Bocce Club and 2nd Andiamo Laguna Niguel Bocce Club. 3rd place was Paisani from San Pedro and 4th place by Ball Busters also from Downey. Laguna Niguel 1 from Laguna Niguel and Sorrento from Mission Viejo tied for 5th place.

A great day of bocce was enjoyed by all the players and spectators. A big thank you to all the players who made the tournament possible.

1st Amiamo Laguna Niguel Bocce Club
2nd Andiamo Laguna Niguel Bocce Club
3rd Paesani-San Pedro
4th Ball Busters Downey

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