Bocce Ball Is Thriving In Laguna Niguel

My wife and I discovered the game of  Bocce while riding our bikes past the courts at Marina Hills Park in Laguna Niguel.  Every time we passed the courts we saw people playing Bocce and having fun. We were searching for another recreational sporting activity where we could meet people and I finally decided to investigate.  I stopped by the court and asked how I could get involved. Pietro the group leader immediately welcomed me and teamed me up with an experienced player to teach need how to play.   I learned how to roll the ball and the rules in 15 minutes. I joined a team and started to play that morning. Everyone was friendly and gave me helpful advice on the strategy and the rules of the game.  

We learned that Bocce is a game for all ages and abilities.  Anyone that can roll a ball can play. Women equally compete with men.  Age, agility and physical strength and the better players.

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