Southern California Bocce Association News 2020

The Southern California Bocce Association had it’s annual meeting on January 18 to discuss bocce tournament dates and update to bocce tournament rules.

Tournament the dates for the 2020 season

4S – March 22; Downing – April 18; Poway – May 3; Encinitas – May 21; Laguna Niguel – June 13; Hawthorne – July 18; South Bay (Torrance) – August 8; San Pedro – September 19; Amici -October 11; Mission Viejo – November 1; Huntington Beach – November 22. 

New Clubs in the Association: 

It was agreed that Poway, a former club member, will pay the association fee of $100 and rejoin association with no penalty this time. This is the same courtesy which was previously agreed to for Amici. It was emphasized, however, that quitting the Association to avoid paying the penalty for not attending a tournament will no longer be tolerated going forward. 

Both Poway and Huntington Beach were then formally voted in as association members. 

Unique Rules: 

In discussion of unique court rules and specific tournament rules, it was stated that each host club president is responsible for notifying all teams about the rules of his tournament ahead of time. It is preferred that House applicable rules should be published before the start of a tournament. 

“House Rules” specifically apply to those rules not specifically covered in the formal Association Rules, such as when a ball is considered to be out of play when there could be multiple interpretations of courts’ borders (i.e courts’ wood side boards lower than surrounding cement boards) or on how a decision is made on which court the final game of a tournament is played on. 

Policy for entering tournament and penalty discussion: 

Clubs must distribute their flyers no later than 30 days before the date of their annual tournament. The hosting club should not accept registration applications until after flyer is published to Association’s clubs presidents. 

Only Association’s clubs applications are to be received during the first 2 weeks after the flyer is published. However, a maximum of 2 teams per club may be accepted. A standby list of teams in excess of the 2 per club limitation will be held by the hosting club to fill remaining open spots after the 2 weeks restricted enrollment. Their standby applications will be accepted for entry into the tournament based upon the dates the applications are postmarked. 

After the initial 2 weeks, the tournament is considered to be open to all teams from anywhere. 5 days before an annual tournament, association clubs are penalized if they have not entered a team and all spots are not filled by then. This is true even if the tournament is filled subsequently. Penalty $ must be incorporated into the tournament’s prize fund. (Please thus note that the former association rule which stated “If a club does not participate in a tournament there is a $100 fine unless the tournament is filled up” has been modified). 

Discussion on teams with multiple clubs members. Agreement that if 3 of 4 members in a team are of one club, that is the club who the team will represent in the tournament. If the number of players in a team is divided evenly, it will represent the club of the designated captain. 

Rain/Inclement weather cancellations

Host clubs can cancel tournament ahead of start of a tournament if weather forecasts or court conditions indicate unsuitable playing conditions. Attempt will be made to reschedule the following week. Teams that cannot attend rescheduled dates will receive a refund. 

If a tournament has already started before inclement weather conditions occur, all present team captains will vote on whether to continue with the tournament, postpone the tournament for a later date, or cancel it altogether. 

a. If the tournament is voted to be postponed, the teams already eliminated will not be allowed refunds or re-play of their games. The not yet eliminated teams will be allowed to play on the postponed date. Should they not appear on the postponed date, their postponed games will be forfeited. b. If the tournament is cancelled with no postponement date, the remaining non-eliminated teams will divide the tournament’s prizes, according to their tournament position at the time of cancellation

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